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The earnr team

Hi, we’re the co-founders of Earnr - Anil 🇮🇳, Enzo 🇳🇱, and Jamie 🇬🇧. We’re a group of side hustlers and gig workers with first-hand experience in balancing self-employment with full-time jobs. We each decided to move on from our old jobs building banks and big financial products to help address the challenges we saw for people starting out on their own.

Since then the Earnr family has grown significantly (and it keeps on growing!).

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Our vision is to make it possible for anyone to run their own business - full time or alongside employment. We’re building Earnr to help you earn more, take control of your finances and feel more confident along the way.

Earnr is the companion that any small businesses, sole traders, or side hustler needs to run their business. It's the companion we wish we had access to when we started our own small business.

We help you maximise the time you can spend on the things that really matter; designing, building, baking, writing, delivering or whatever it is that makes your business great.

The time that we're able to give back to our customers by automating their admin is what keeps us motivated. We'll take care of the boring bits of running your business.

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