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More than 80% of CIS employees overpay tax and need to submit a tax return to claim it back.

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Are you a sub-contractor under the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)?
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A pain-free way to manage your tax return

If you are registered for the Construction Industry Scheme then 20% of your earnings will have already been deducted from your salary.

Unless you earn above £50,270 per year, this is more than you owe and you will need to claim back any overpayment. 

This needs to be filed before 31 January the year after you worked; For most CIS workers, the average refund is £2,000. It’s quick and easy to claim with Earnr.

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Now you can submit a stress-free tax return in 17 minutes

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What can I expense?

Being a construction worker you might expense:

CIS Fuel Expenses


CIS accounting expenses

Vehicle costs

CIS parking expenses

Parking Fees

CIS meal expenses


CIS equipment expenses

Safety Equipment

CIS phone expenses


CIS insurance expenses

Liability insurance

CIS accounting expenses

Accountancy fees