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Alice Weber

Depop Top Seller

If you ask Alice, she will tell you that her biggest vice has always been fashion. Yes, she’s a big fat fashion victim! She’s one of those people that always say, “I got nothing to wear!” before going out or that buys stuff that she knows she’ll never wear just because “I might need this someday”.

And this got worse since she’s entered Depop for the first time, but I guess that you want to know why Alice is the writer of our guide, right? Well, she knows everything about what customers are looking for when navigating on Depop and how you can become a Top Seller, and she’s ready to tell you all about it. This mixed with her knowledge about tax and HMRC, makes her the perfect person and that’s why Alice is now responsible for our Depop guide. Alice will surely answer all of your questions in her Depop guide.

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Alice Weber

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