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Thomas Bertolini

TikTok Master

Born and raised in Italy, Thomas moved to London in 2014, pursuing a career as a marketer for big corporations. However, since his arrival, he has never kept his passion for cooking hidden. Now guess where he takes most of his inspirations (not counting his grandma, of course)? Yes, TikTok. We can easily say that Thomas is probably the N°1 fan of most of the cooking profiles on the platform (apart from the ones disrespecting the Italian cuisine).

Thomas has learned every little secret about the app's functioning and about what people like the most.For this reason, he decided to join Earnr as an author to take care of everything concerning the kingdom of TikTok. Showing you the perfect recipe to demonstrate what you’ve got to know, and shedding light on how to manage the boring side of it.

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Thomas Bertolini

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