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October 21, 2022
October 21, 2022
Self employed

How does Etsy rank my store?

Sofia Thompson
Sofia Thompson
Etsy follows specific criteria to rank shops on its website. Here's what and how important they are.
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When customers look for something on Etsy, it presents them with stores and products that best match their research. But, do you know why these results represent the best ones?

The first thing to say is that the Etsy algorithm works in two ways:

To determine relevancy, Etsy considers a combination of 7 specific factors. Note that these factors aren’t weighted equally by the Etsy algorithm to determine how to rank shops, but don’t worry, we’ll explain the reasons why.

In this blog, we’ll explain the six factors and how you can improve your products’ relevancy.

Etsy’s six factors

Tag and title relevancy: this is the most important factor to consider when creating a listing for your store. If your title or tags don’t match shoppers’ researched phrases or keywords, your product won’t be shown to them. For example, if customers search for “flower bag”, Etsy will only present them with items that match both words in the title or tags.

But, it doesn’t end here! After the first match, Etsy uses keywords (words that represent your product) to order the initial results. At this point, there’re three things to keep in mind:

Note that the words you select for your listings must be in the store’s language that you selected when opening the store.

Items attribute relevancy: attributes are extra descriptive details you can add to your listings. The more they are accurate, the higher your product will rank.

Listing quality: with this, Etsy refers to “how well a listing tends to do in search”, meaning that customers purchase, favourite, or click a product from the search results directly.

When a store or listing is new, its listing quality is neutral and, therefore, not considered for the ranking.

Customer and market experience: the better your customer service and standing according to Etsy’s policies are, the higher your items rank. Etsy is very keen on valuing buyers’ experience on the platform. For this reason, good reviews are very important for your business. But not only, Etsy also considers if your store features a completed About section and shop policies.

Moreover, Etsy looks at the percentage of buyers who have completed transactions, customer return rates, and ratings for products and services.

Again new shops have a neutral score not considered for the ranking.

Recency: another factor is how recently you listed your items. For this reason, you should focus on keeping your listings fresh by changing something or just relisting items to improve recency.

Shop and buyers location: as many buyers tend to purchase from stores in the same country as their own, Etsy ranks slightly higher listings that match this criterion. However, this does not happen in all countries where Etsy operates, mainly in the EU, Canada, and Australia.

How you can improve your ranking

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