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August 9, 2022
August 9, 2022
Self employed

How to grow your Etsy shop

Sofia Thompson
Sofia Thompson
So you have an Etsy shop and you’ve started selling some products. Here’s how to grow your Etsy shop to the next level.
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You may have got to a point with Etsy where you’ve established the basics, people seem to be buying your products and there’s some income coming in at a regular pace. The next question will inevitably be: How do I grow my Etsy shop? And how do I turn this into a fully fledged business?

To help set you up for growth, we’ve come up with 5 points, which if you hit them, can see you become an increasingly big presence on the Etsy platform (and potentially get you that coveted ‘Star Seller Badge’). These areas of focus are:

  1. Create what Etsy shoppers want
  2. Get 5 star reviews on Etsy
  3. Know your Etsy SEO
  4. Know your promo channels
  5. Develop a unique, distinguishable style

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1. Create what Etsy shoppers want

Given the volume of listings and sellers on Etsy, it’s important that you understand the needs and wants of your shoppers in order to create distinct products of value. 

By now you should have a decent idea of what products are selling more than others. Or maybe if you have one product that’s doing really well but you want to find out more about what could make it better or what people like about it. Gathering feedback and analysing the data can inform about the products and services you're offering through Etsy. 

Some ways of collecting feedback on Etsy might be:

When it comes to documenting this information you might find a Google Sheet or Excel Sheet is the best way of compiling it all into comparable sections. Some elements you might want to track are: 

Once you have this all written up you should get a good sense of what the sweet spot is where you have a product, packaging, photos, site, service all contributing to a great customer experience. It’s then about putting it into action and making the changes that are visible in the data. 

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2. Get 5 star reviews on Etsy

This might sound obvious, but in practice it’s incredibly difficult to get right. From research carried out by Etsy, they found three key things that shoppers focus on when leaving reviews: 

  1. Quality: How good the product is, how good the craftsmanship that’s gone into it is, it meets all the specifications in the description, it exceeded expectations.
  2. Customer service: How communicative you are as a seller, how far you go to make sure the shopper is happy, any nice touches you add as part of the service and product.
  3. Delivery: Clear expectation setting about when the product will arrive from the outset, the more efficient the delivery the better. 

As well as using the information from your research in step one, focus on ways you can improve these three areas and you should see an uptick in Etsy 5 star reviews. Some things you can do up front to make sure customers get a good experience is: 

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Becoming a Star Seller

Since September Etsy introduced the Star Seller badge. This badge features on your shop and listing thumbnail and really sets you apart from the competition as shoppers can immediately see that you give top quality service and products. 

Here’s how you get a Star Seller badge on Etsy: 

This can be a significant boost to your sales and visibility on the site as it shows you to be an established and trustworthy shop on Etsy. 

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3. Know your Etsy SEO

SEO means search engine optimisation - So in the case of Etsy making your listing appear in people’s searches more easily. 

So if someone searches ‘children’s wooden rocking horses’ and your rocking horse contains these words in its description, yours could be the first to appear, and therefore the most likely one to be clicked on (and hopefully bought). 

Generally SEO is a bit of a dark art, with Etsy’s algorithm constantly changing, it requires some decent specialist knowledge to get it right. But hopefully we can chuck a few pointers in here to help you. 

Firstly here’s what Etsy’s algorithm is looking for when people search for a product: 

4. Know your Etsy promo channels 

Pinterest acts as a kind of visual Google search. People look for what they want by flicking through images, they might have an aesthetic in mind but not quite know the product they want. By featuring images of your products here you can send people to your Etsy store. 

The benefit with Pinterest is the posts never disappear like other social media sites, where they go further down timelines and threads. Instead your pinned Etsy listings can get shared and re-shared potentially thousands of times as the years go by. Etsy and Pinterest are well integrated so it makes it easy to share your listings on Pinterest. Start by having a scan of the products currently being displayed on Pinterest, work out what categories they fit into (lifestyle etc) and then display yours in those categories. 

Instagram also helps with its focus on the visual. You can build a following by regularly posting content, and use Instagram stories to send followers directly to your products. 

Other useful channels are Etsy’s own Ad tool, where you can pay to feature your listings at the top of pages and as ads in people’s searches (even if the search isn’t directly related to your product). And email campaigns can help, if you build a list of subscribers you can keep them up to date with ongoing changes in your Etsy shop.

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5. Develop a unique, distinguishable style for Etsy

In those first few months you might well have come to a conclusion about what your brand style is, or you might be an established brick and mortar shop with its own pre-established aesthetic. If you know what that is then great. The question is how you translate that to your audience on Etsy. 

The product will often dictate what the style of the brand is but there are other key elements that dictate your brand image: 

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