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May 3, 2022
May 3, 2022
Side hustle

Our 50 side hustles of 2022

If you’re looking for side hustle inspiration check out our top 50 side hustles of 2022 where we explain how to get started in each role.
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What side hustles are out there? If it’s your first time exploring a side hustle, then this is probably a question you’ll be asking yourself. 

Chances are you have aspirations to follow something you already enjoy, like a hobby. Or you might be looking to make a bit of extra cash for that trip you always wanted. 

We have a useful piece that helps you work out what's right for you, you can read it here.


To give you a bit of inspiration, we’ve compiled a list of our top 50 side hustles of 2022 with a description of what the work entails and how you can make some headway. 

As you’ll see, there’s a pretty broad range of side hustles out there, whether it’s pub quiz hosting or podcasting, or even selling hashtags. Here’s 50 of them to get you started. 

Our 50 side hustles of 2022

  1. Upcycle clothes / make alterations and resell
  2. Start a dropshipping business
  3. Start a drop-servicing business
  4. Start an online zine and sell digital subscriptions
  5. Work in the gig economy
  6. Sell your own handmade wares
  7. Sell meal prepping plans
  8. Start a blog
  9. Become a digital archivist
  10. Start a YouTube channel
  11. Translator services
  12. Become an influencer
  13. Start a podcast
  14. Become a freelance bookkeeper
  15. Selling keyword and hashtag research
  16. Participate in paid online surveys
  17. Become a car app driver
  18. Event planning
  19. Dog walking
  20. Short-term apartment letting
  21. Freelance writing
  22. House sitting
  23. Managing social media presence 
  24. Become a digital housekeeper
  25. Offering tours of your area
  26. Kindle publishing
  27. Transcribe medical notes and legal proceedings
  28. User testing apps and websites
  29. Cracked screen repair
  30. Start a wholesale business
  31. Become an affiliate marketer
  32. Sell digital products
  33. Selling clothing
  34. Extras work
  35. Teaching online courses
  36. Proofreading
  37. Tutoring or coaching
  38. Become a yoga instructor
  39. Babysitting
  40. Become a virtual assistant
  41. Photography services
  42. Become a freelance designer
  43. Selling baked goods or home cooked family meals; catering
  44. House cleaning
  45. Personal training
  46. Gardening
  47. Pub quiz hosting
  48. Providing delivery services
  49. Mystery shopping
  50. Brand ambassador or product demonstrator


1. Upcycling and alterations 

Upcycling is about taking something used or spare and turning it into something valuable. You can upcycle clothing, home decor or even furniture. It’s a busy space but there are plenty of sites to get started, you can become a Shopify merchant, or use Etsy to list your work. This works best if you’re already interested in it or have a knack for crafts and repairs. 

2. Start a dropshipping business

Dropshipping is where you act as a third party between a wholesaler and the consumer. You don’t stock the items the consumer purchases but they place the request and then you make the order, taking a share of the money. 

3. Start a drop-servicing business

It’s a similar premise to dropshipping, except you’re connecting people in the services industry with people looking for workers. If someone is looking for a web designer but doesn’t know where to start they can go to you, you might run an ad on Upwork or Fiverr and can source the talent there. 

4. Start a an online megazine and sell subscriptions

An online magazine that people pay to have sent to them. An ideal side hustle for a budding writer and designer. You can promote your own work, talk about topics that matter to you, and motivate and mobilise others. It can take a while to get off the ground but once you find your niche and your audience you can build a loyal readership. 

5. Work the gig economy

The first thing people think of is driving for Uber or Bolt. But there are also an infinite number of other jobs, from kitchen work to gardening services to modelling gigs. Taskrabbit and Craigslist are two of the most well known platforms for this, as well as Fiverr and Upwork. If you want to take it further you can specialise in a field like copywriting, build a portfolio and use it to bolster your career.

6. Sell your own handmade or handcrafted goods

Lockdown saw a surge in independent ecommerce sites selling handmade goods. If you’re into making things then this might be for you. You can order in stock and customise it how you please. You can sell these across Ebay, Amazon and Etsy, or start your own site and go fully independent. 

See how to become an Etsy seller here

See how to become an Amazon seller here

7. Sell meal prepping plans

You might have heard of HelloFresh and All Plants: the meal prepping business is booming. But it’s not entirely dominated by big brands. You can join freelancing services to get some experience, or promote your home made meals on social media. Instagram is a great platform for promoting culinary work. 

8. Start a blog

If you’re into writing then this is a well known route. It’s a great way to show your skills and interests. It’s not necessarily going to land you paid work but can lead to it. This is a great side hustle because you can choose how much you put into it and if you’re passionate about it, it won’t feel like work. 

9. Become a digital archivist

As a digital archivist you’re responsible for preserviving and documenting online documents, videos, messages, and metadata records. These might have once been physical documents that have been digitised, or they might have been created digitally in the first place. You’ll often find listings for this kind of work on freelance or temping sites. 

10. Start a YouTube channel

If you’re into content creation and like being behind or infront of a camera then YouTube is a great starting point. If you get over a thousand subscribers then YouTube will start paying you too. It can also be a great platform to get noticed on and build a portfolio of video projects too. 

11. Translator services

It’s useful to take an agency route to begin with to get experience in business oriented translation. You can also go straight into it if you have some experience by plying trade on freelance sites.

12. Becoming an influencer

Becoming an influencer or content creator is a popular current side hustle with so many personalities now on TikTok, Instagram and Twitter. This might not always conjure the best image to many, but influencers are deeply important for businesses to get their message across to new audiences. There’s certainly no harm in building a following and a niche, it takes a while before you can monetize it, but it can be a great platform to promote yourself on regardless. 

13. Podcasting

Like blogging if you’re passionate about it then this won’t feel like work. You can design the content around what interests you and with enough work you can find the audience that fits. There are some overheads for recording equipment but there’s enough cheap options out there to get you started: Amazon Basics offer USB microphones from £30. 

14. Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing means showcasing someone else’s product on your platform. This usually makes sense if you already have a hustle in another area. If you have a popular website you can have someone else’s products appear there, and you both get a share of the sale. 

15. Become a freelance bookkeeper

Freelance bookkeeping is when a company brings someone in to record their financial transactions. This is usually data entry around  sales, purchases, invoices, bills and expenses. You don’t need to be a qualified accountant although it does fall under accountancy services, so you’ll need to register as such with HMRC. The best way to kick off this hustle is through networking with accountants.

16. Selling keyword and hashtag research

Many people don’t have time to research their own keywords and hashtags, whether it’s SEO for blogs or a brand trying to reach the right audience, you can pick up some ad hoc hustles on Fiverr and Upwork fairly regularly. 

17. Taking part in online research surveys

If you’re happy to give your views on everything from soap to geopolitics then this might be for you. It doesn’t require any particular skills and MoneySavingExpert claims you can make a few hundred pounds a year if you're consistent enough. This might be an option if you’re looking for something that won’t take up too much work or spare time. 

18. Become a car app driver

One of the most well known, side hustles or jobs is driving for the likes of Uber and Bolt. This offers pretty good flexibility around your days and social life and provided you have a hybrid car can be a straightforward earner. If you’d rather not sit in a car with someone you don’t know you can also opt for the grocery delivery option, which is still booming post-lockdown. 

Read our blog post about how to become an Uber driver here

19. Event planning

If you’re into thinking creatively about events and building networks then this can be a rewarding side hustle. You might need to work for low cost initially but as you build up your roster of photographers, chefs, or speakers you can find yourself with a healthy business. It might be worth focussing on a particular type of event and building experience there. 

20. Dog walking

Arguably a more traditional side hustle, this remains a strong option for those who have spare time during the day, when owners are out at work. You can use apps such as Rover and Bark to build up a network and get a consistent cash flow.

See how to become a dog walker here

21. Short-term apartment letting

If you have a spare room you could cover your bills, and potentially your mortgage by letting it out short-term on sites like Airbnb and Openrent. If you live in an Urban area with decent tourism you can have a fairly consistent inflow of customers. There are even businesses that have grown purely within Airbnb.  

See how to become an Airbnb landlord here

22. Freelance writing

As long as there’s new businesses competing to be heard online there’ll always be a demand for writers.  If you know how to write clearly and adapt your tone of voice to different brands then this might be for you. Getting an online portfolio is the best first move, sites like The-Dots and WeWorkRemotely are good places to set up and connect with clients.

23. House sitting

You can build up a network locally if you become trusted in looking after peoples houses while they're away. Mentioning to friends and family that you’re offering some house sitting can be a great way to get the word out. Now there’s also sites such as HomeSitters that can give you a bigger platform. 

24. Managing social media presence 

Social media makes up a huge part of brands’ online presence, it’s no longer enough to just post occasionally, followers expect more. Like freelance writing businesses are always on the lookout for someone to nurture their social followings better than they can. Again The-Dots and Upwork are good places to get yourself known if you’re looking at this angle. 

25. Become a digital housekeeper

This doesn’t mean looking after a virtual house, but rather managing household finances and admin remotely. This could be looking after bills or organising rubbish collections. It’s a small and burgeoning space, so now is a good time to get ahead if it interests you. 

26. Offering tours of your area

This requires a little more organisation than just making a website and telling people about your favourite pub or cafe. If you can go through Airbnb’s vetting process they’ll list you as a local guide. A convenient side hustle if you don’t want to commute from your neighbourhood.

27. Kindle publishing

Kindle publishing is a great outlet for long-form writing, and means you can publish on your own terms rather than under the pressure of a publisher - which is liberating for a side hustle. You can also receive revenue, if your publication gets downloads you’ll get the royalties. 

28. Transcribe medical notes and legal proceedings

Writing up documents from audio files and recordings is all about speed, the faster you get the more you can make. Most transcriptors specialise in an area that of interest to them, such as law or medicine and can use the experience to help their career in pursuit of other roles. Upwork and WeType are good starting points for this.

29. User testing apps and websites

There are lots of sites out there you can sign up to, to be paid doing user testing for sites and apps. You’ll be asked to perform certain actions and then review how easy the experience was. These can range from £5 for a quick test to £100 for a full interview. This can be a good, untaxing second income. 

30. Cracked screen repair

An always in demand job. People pay hundreds to repair their phone screens and the business’s cost is pretty minimal. Wholesale screens cost around £25, so if you can learn the technique you can set up a business relatively quickly. 

31. Start wholesaling 

Wholesaling is when you sell products in bulk, usually to other retailers. You could sell kitchenware to restaurants or sports equipment to gyms. The challenge to overcome is becoming known in the industry. If you market yourself well and establish good relationships with retailers the business should become easier to run and grow.

32. Sell digital products

Digital products refers to everything from JPEG images to 3-D printing. Any products that exist on the internet are digital products. The recent rise of Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, which is a unique unit of data stored on a digital ledger called blockchain, are now pretty established in the digital world. You can create an image or piece of art that can’t be replicated anywhere, and if you find a buyer you can sell it on. 

33. Selling clothing

A well worn route for those looking to make a bit of money on the side. There are a huge number of platforms to set up on from Depop and Ebay to Shopify and Etsy, as well as smaller, more niche platforms like Kidizen (for children’s clothes) and Tradesy (for designer clothes). If you know your fashion you can find the right audience, you can have a regular side income as you buy and sell. Holding onto limited items until they sell out elsewhere means you can sell the clothing for more later on. 

34. TV extra work

Working as an extra can be a great way to get exposure to the film and TV industry and there is a constant need for background characters. StarNow is one of the established extras casting platforms in the UK as well as The Casting Collective. The work can be time consuming with travel and long shoots, but it can complement work in similar areas of the industry if you’re looking for acting work. 

35. Teaching online courses

There will always be a subject that interests you, whether it’s academic, like history or functional, like photography. Platforms like Coursera mean you can teach online to people around the world. 

36. Proofreading

If you have an eye for detail and some experience in checking work and suggesting edits then this could be a good side earner for you. Maybe you check your family’s emails before they send them or your friends' homework before they submit it. Then you could monetize it on Upwork or Fiverr and start to see some additional income come your way. 

37. Tutoring

If you excelled at a subject at school or university then you can start helping other people, either children or adults as they study for the same courses you did. You can start locally and build up a rapport with friends and family and their connections, or you can go online on platforms like WyzAnt to reach people further afield. 

38. Become a yoga instructor

Many yoga instructors have day jobs, but bring their passion for the fitness routine into the form of a business. If it’s something you already do regularly in your spare time, why not lead a session? You will more likely than not need some certification and training, but it can be a healthy side income built around an interest. 

39. Babysitting

Looking after people’s children. This can fit quite well around a day job or studies if working parents are out in the evenings or weekends. Again this is something you can build locally with friends and family and the wider neighbourhood. Or you can go online to care for older people too. 

40. Become a virtual assistant

This is a popular current side hustle. It means remotely assisting in everything from admin tasks, to social media to customer service. Places like Upwork have many VAs, so you might want to set up your own contractor business, which will take a bit longer to establish and get clients but means you're not competing against others who might undercut you. 

See how to become a virtual assistant here

41. Photography services

In the image heavy world we live in there will always be a need for good photography. You can sell your images straightaway on sites like Shutterstock or Unsplash. Or you could set up on your own. Instagram is a great place to build a following around your photography and then monetise it as clients start to ask for photos. 

42. Become a freelance designer

All top freelance work exists because there’s a high demand for it. Like writing and photography, businesses need graphic designers who can make everything from leaflets to website banners. It’s a more specialist role where Adobe suite experience is pretty necessary - but there are hundreds of YouTube video tutorials in the area to help you upskill in your spare time. The average freelance graphic designer charges about £220 a day. 

43. Selling baked goods or home cooked meals

If you spend your spare time cooking and baking then you could try your hand in the food business as a side hustle. You could start locally and build your expertise. Deliveroo dark kitchens are popping up everywhere and you can offer your own personal twist on classic dishes and look to grow the business.

44. House cleaning  

Cleaning other people’s houses is a straightforward way to earn a side income. You can join a cleaning service or set up on your own. Becoming known locally as you clean people’s houses can be a good starting point. Usually if the homeowner is happy with your cleaning they’ll pass your details onto their friends without you asking. 

45. Personal Training

Usually some certification is needed. But if you spend a lot of your time working on your fitness you could monetise it and share your expertise. Side hustles work well when it’s closely aligned to something you already do. 

See how to become a personal trainer here

46. Gardening

Another side hustle that can stem from a hobby or passion. Many people own gardens, but not so many know how to garden them properly or nurture them in the right way. If you have some knowledge in this you could build out a decent business in the area. 

See how to become a gardener here

47. Pub quiz hosting

If you have an encyclopaedic mind and you’re into attending pub quizzes during the week why not host them? Quiz hosts tend to charge between £100 and £150 pounds for a popular night

48. Providing delivery services

If you have a bike or car you could sign up for Deliveroo or JustEat and take orders to people. It’s another side hustle that can work around your schedule and you can dip in and out of, rather than trying to build a business from it. 

49. Mystery shopping

Companies will pay you to verify their in store or online experience. You give feedback about the products, shop and staff so that they can quality check the process. You can also spy on competition if they send you to a rival’s shop. There are numerous places to sign up for this such as Ipsos Mystery and MysteryShopper. 

50. Brand ambassador or product demonstrator

Big brands with decent marketing budgets are always looking for on-the-ground ambassadors who will get the attention of passers by and demonstrate their products. You can do this in your downtime and earn a regular bit of extra cash. 

There are plenty of side hustles out there if you still haven’t found one that works for you. This should help in getting you set up and inspiring you about potential options. Whatever your next venture is, it's an exciting prospect to set something up yourself and grow it. 

Earnr is here to remove the manual bookkeeping side so that you can focus on growing your business and doing the interesting work. Download Earnr here: 

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