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June 29, 2022
June 29, 2022
Side hustle

Podcasts to help your side hustle

Desiree Weimann
Desiree Weimann
We've put together a list of our favourite podcasts to help your side hustle. This isn't a definitive list, but a few of our favourites.
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In the often isolated world of side hustles it can help to hear from those doing the same thing. Here we list some of our favourite podcasts that can teach tricks of the trade, tell you about people facing the same challenges and make you feel that bit more connected to the side hustle universe. This is by no means a definitive list, but a few that we consider gems:

1. Out of Hours by Georgia Ritter

Logo for Out of Hours podcast.

Starting in 2020, Georgia has spent the past two years talking to people who’ve gone from side hustler to business owner, movement starters and community leaders. 

They talk about what inspired them, whether it was solving a problem that they themselves faced or a person who encouraged them to make a change. And they talk about those awkward growing pains, like charging people for their service when they didn’t feel they deserved it. 

2. Seth Godin’s Startup School by Seth Godin

Logo for Seth Godin's Startup School podcast.

The godfather of modern marketing Seth Godin is one of the best to learn from in the world of biz. In this rare live recording Seth takes 30 entrepreneurs through a workshop to show how they can create and grow their own business. 

He looks at everything from tactics to cash flow, to honesty in business. 

If you don’t know about Seth then definitely take a look at his blog or any number of his books for some inspiration.

3. Creative Women International Podcast by Philly Page

Logo for Creative Women International Podcast

Focussed almost entirely on making the jump from 9-5 to side hustle to self-employed, and supporting you along the way. 

This podcast coaches the listener, particularly in the mental wellbeing and self-perception departments. Topics include ‘Pivot rather than passion’, ‘Finding your superpower’ and why the cheapest clients can be the most expensive. 

Philly has been a freelancer all her life with her first photo being published in a national paper when she was 19.

4. Rebel Entrepreneur by Alan Donegan

Logo for Rebel Entrepreneur podcast

Alan’s mission to fight back against the traditional methods for business building, mainly taking on loans and debt, and more broadly socio-economic issues currently facing normal people makes his take on business building very unique. 

The podcast aims to offer the support Alan wished he’d had when he began his startup journey. He believes it doesn’t take money to make money. 

Alan runs the Rebel Business School and Rebel Finance School with his wife Katie which has a global reach and has become his central business focus. 

5. Jimmy’s Jobs of the Future by Jimmy McLoughlin

Logo for Jimmy's Jobs of the Future podcast.

Doing a podcast in the style of a Prime Ministerial briefing makes sense for ex-Number 10 advisor Jimmy McLoughlin who’s podcast offers a different take on the way jobs work. 

Looking at the systemic changes being made by leaders, and the changes to come, Jimmy talks to leaders of businesses great and growing about how industries (be it metaverse or farming) are changing. 

A slightly more birds-eye view of business helps to understand where those of us starting out fit into it.

6. The Side Hustle Show by Nick Ropner

The biggest side hustle show of them all, Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustle Nation, Nick Loper, talks all things entrepreneurial. Whether it's making $3,000 a year flipping mattresses part time, or bootstrapping a 6 figure e-commerce brand in a year, this podcast really covers money earners of all sizes. 

The focus is on actionable tips and ideas from people who’ve done it before. It’s guidance in the more literal aspects of side hustling.

Nick believes that you can use a side hustle to build something meaningful to you and help you quit your 9-5, and he continually demonstrates it with his range of guests.

It’s a tough world out there in the side hustle business so hearing from people who’ve done what you’re doing can really help. We’d also love to hear more about podcasts you're listening to so that we can share them with the Earnr community. Get in touch if there’s anything you find particularly useful.

You can download Earnr for free and join our community here.

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