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October 17, 2022
October 17, 2022
Self employed

Etsy Christmas trends are here!

Sofia Thompson
Sofia Thompson
We put together a list of the main forecasted trends on Etsy for this holiday season ... and a couple of tips!
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It goes without saying that Christmas is one of the busiest times for every physical and online store. And Etsy is no exemption. It’s fundamental for Etsy sellers to prepare in advance for this time of the year, as buyers on the platform will exponentially increase, requiring them to fulfill more orders than usual.

A focal point to arrive prepared for the holiday season on Etsy is following the trends. Every year, Etsy shares the main forecasted trends for the holiday season, and sellers do their best to follow them, as they will likely drive sales.

In this blog post, we put together a list of tips and trends for the holiday season that would help you boost your sales.

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What are the Etsy trends for this Christmas season?

Like any other year, Etsy released its list of trends likely to be top-sellers during Christmas that sellers should follow. Specifically:

Note that Etsy selected emerald green as its colour pick for 2022.

The first tip for you is that if your products can’t be modified to perfectly match these trends, you should try to incorporate them as much as possible. For example, if you don’t sell vintage items, you can consider including them in the staging for your products’ listings.

What products will be trending?

Following the Etsy Marketplace Insight report, specific types of products will be top-sellers in either their category or style during the holiday season. Many won’t sound new to you, but if you sell them already, remember to incorporate the above Etsy trends. Specifically:

Regarding digital products, other Etsy sellers have highlighted the following products as top-selling:

Another tip is if you aren’t sure how to modify your existing products or create new ones for Christmas, you can look for products with high demand but low competition.

Keep also in mind the price point! Etsy subdivides items into different price ranges (under £20, £20 to £50, £50 to £100, and over £100). Make sure to consider this when setting up your sale. For example, if your product costs  £51, you could consider lower it to £49 (if you think your targeted shoppers are more likely to shop in a lower price range).

What about SEO?

SEO is another fundamental part of the holiday season selling. You should select your keywords keeping in mind who’s your target audience, who your customers might be shopping for, and for whom your products might be a good gift for.

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