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October 17, 2022
October 17, 2022
Self employed

Is your Etsy store ready for Black Friday?

Sofia Thompson
Sofia Thompson
Black Friday is a big opportunity for any Etsy store. Here is some helpful information to make sure your Etsy store is ready for Black Friday.
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As any other online marketplace and store, Etsy will see a rise in buyers on the platform during the Black Friday sale. For this reason, sellers need to come prepared by setting up a strategy to increase their sales as much as possible.

Black Friday is notoriously the highest traffic day on Etsy, meaning the day with the most shoppers navigating on the platform. In 2022, Black Friday is on 25 November (save the date), so it’s fundamental that you start preparing for this event.

The first thing to say is that Etsy allows you to offer different types of discounts to your customers depending on whether you want to offer targeted discounts or run a shop-wide sale.

We prepared a list of tips on how to approach Black Friday on Etsy and how to run a sale or offer discounts for your store.

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How to run a sale on Etsy

The first step to run a sale is accessing the “Marketing” tab in the “Shop Manager” section and clicking on “Sales and Discounts”. Then you’ll need to select “Run a Sale” to start.

After this, Etsy will ask you to insert the precise details of your sale. Specifically:

Once you complete this section, Etsy will redirect you to another page where you can decide whether the sale will be shop-wide or only on specific listings.

Note that you can’t select specific listings if you set a minimum order to qualify.

How to create a promo code

The first step to creating a promo code is accessing the “Marketing” tab in the “Shop Manager” section and clicking on “Sales and Discounts”. Here you’ll need to select “Create a promo code”.

After this, Etsy will ask you to insert more information regarding what kind of promo code you want to create. Specifically:

After this, you just need to share your promo code with your customers. You can share it in “Messages” on Etsy, in your shop announcements, on social media, or in any other way you communicate with your customers.

Note that you can also offer promo codes to selected customers only. To do it, in the “Sales and Discount” section, you’ll need to click “Automatically send offers to interested shoppers” and then follow the same steps as promo codes.

Specifically, Etsy suggests sending this type of promotion to people that abandoned their baskets or have recently put your shop in their favourites or as a post-purchase thank you. However, you can do this only if the shoppers have agreed to receive marketing messages from you.

You can also offer a discount and free shipping together to your customers. However, you’ll need to activate both promotions simultaneously and indicate what listings are eligible for more than one discount.

Tips for you

We put together a list of tips that might be useful for you to gain the most out of your Black Friday sale.

You can easily use social media for this. Build your followers, and be frequent and consistent in posting so that you’ll reach the highest number of people you can. To gain more followers on Instagram, you should try posting reels as Instagram shows them to people that don’t follow you, reaching more possible followers.

Note that you should create reals with genuine growth objectives. Show why your products are unique and why people should buy from you.

To understand the correct price for your offerings, you can look at the top 10% of sellers in your industry and see what price range they’re using.

Note that in 2022, SmallBusiness Saturday is on 3 December, so it’s worth considering if you want to carry out a single sale or offer another one on this day.

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