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October 18, 2022
October 18, 2022
Self employed

How to promote your OnlyFans on Twitter

Anthony Allen
Anthony Allen
As an OnlyFans creator increasing your fans is fundamental for you. Here's how Twitter can help you with this.
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If you're an OnlyFans creator, it’s fundamental for you to gain the highest number of fans possible to increase your earnings. There’re many ways to achieve this result, such as referrals, partnerships with other creators, discussion forums (such as Reddit), and social media.

Read how to promote your OnlyFans on Reddit here.

However, it’s important to know that depending on what type of content you create, it can be difficult for you to promote on social media. For example, Instagram and TikTok don’t allow users to promote explicit (or NSFW) content on their platforms, limiting creators’ ability to share their profiles.

On the other hand, Twitter is one of the creators’ most liked platforms to promote OnlyFans content, mainly because it allows them to share NSFW pictures and videos, as you can mark your profile as 18+. It also facilitates communication with the fans through messaging. Moreover, the fact that Twitter allows 280 characters per tweet is helpful for OnlyFans creators as it makes it easier to incite curiosity about their OnlyFans posts.

In this blog, you can find information about how you can connect your OnlyFans and Twitter accounts and the benefits of using Twitter to promote your creations.

How to connect your Twitter and OnlyFans accounts

This process is quite simple. You just need to go to the “Profile” section on OnlyFans, click the “Account” option, and then “Linked accounts”. Here you can add your Twitter account.

If you’re logged in already to a Twitter account on your device, you’ll be taken momentarily on Twitter while the page loads and then back to OnlyFans, where you’ll see that your Twitter account has been linked.

Note that if you’re logged in already to a Twitter account on your device, it will be the account that connects to OnlyFans. Therefore, if you don’t want your main Twitter account linked to OnlyFans, you should create another before this process or simply log out.

If you aren’t logged in, you’ll be redirected to Twitter and asked to insert your username and password or create an account.

Once you’ve done this, you can start promoting your OnlyFans on Twitter. You can also generate “sneak preview” posts for Twitter every time you post on Onlyfans. You just need to click on “Compose new post” and select the Twitter icon.

Moreover, once your accounts are connected, you’ll receive a verified checkmark that will show next to your OnlyFans name.

How to label your Twitter as NSFW

Unlike other platforms, Twitter allows its users to share NSFW content. However, to do so, it’s fundamental that you mark your profile as “sensitive”, or your content will be flagged as on any other social media.

To mark your profile as “sensitive”, you just need to enter Twitter settings and click on “Privacy and Safety”. Then under the section “Your Tweets”, you’ll need to check the box “mark media your tweets as containing material that may be sensitive”.

How to increase your presence on Twitter

Sharing your content on Twitter is a simple but good start to increasing your followers. However, you can implement different methods to make the most out of it.

Use hashtags

Twitter is where hashtags are born, so they’re crucial for this platform. As for any other social media, hashtags are vital to direct your posts to the right audience, therefore, you must get them right. The more specific, the better! To begin, you can mix small and lesser-known hashtags with popular ones.

Here’re some examples of OnlyFans popular hashtags that you can use:

Benefit from Shoutout

This method consists in having other Twitter users promote your account. If you know someone with a big audience on Twitter, you can take advantage of it by asking them to promote your profile. Otherwise, several Twitter users charge a sum per shoutout, usually between £100-£300, depending on their number of followers.

A shoutout is helpful to encourage people to subscribe to your OnlyFans profile. You can also offer a discount on your subscription for fans obtained through shoutouts.

Promote promotional discounts

There’re different ways to promote promotional discounts on Twitter. For example:

Note that you should send a limited number of universal messages daily as Twitter may tag this activity as spam and restrict your account.

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