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September 30, 2022
September 30, 2022
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What is a CIS statement?

Mo Halabi
Mo Halabi
If you're a construction worker working on CIS, it's important for you to know what a CIS statement is and why you need it.
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The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is used by HMRC to collect income tax throughout the year from people working in the construction industry.

Construction companies deduct tax on behalf of their workers (subcontractors) and send the money to HMRC as tax payments:

Note that CIS only applies if you work in construction as a subcontractor and you have registered for CIS.

If you’re a construction worker working on CIS, it’s important that you know what a CIS statement is. In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this document.

What’s a CIS statement?

A CIS statement is simply a written document that you’ll receive from the company you work for stating the tax deductions made.

You’ll receive a CIS statement every time you get paid, as it’s a legal requirement for construction firms. In fact, employers must issue a CIS statement within 14 days of every tax month's end.

Note that a tax month finishes on the 5th of every month, so you might receive your CIS statement later than your salary.

It’s important for you to keep the CIS statements you receive, firstly because they’ll be reviewed during your CIS tax rebate procedure, and they’re also useful in the event that HMRC checks your tax compliance.

Read how to get a CIS tax rebate here.

What does a CIS tax statement include?

The first thing to say is that there’s no set format for a CIS statement, but it must include some information. Specifically:

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